* January 31st 1978, Amersfoort, the Netherlands

Now/Coming up
February  Living in Dreams, group show, De Bond, Bruges, Belgium
May  BASBOEK with DIABP@Offprint, Tate Modern, London, U.K.
July  new art tour for Museum voor KOR with special brewed beer
September  new publication with Brazilian artist Alvaro Seixas: Mind the artist
September  new publication with RKD: Deleted Artists from Dutch Art History
September BASBOEK with DIABP@NYABF, MOMA PS1, New York, U.S.A.
September BASBOEK with DIABP@The Tokyo Art Book Fair, Japan
September BASBOEK with DIABP@UNSEEN, Amsterdam
September  new project in public space: Colour Walks/Kleurwandelingen, Tilburg
November  new publication: Rijdend door Apeldoorn/Driving through Apeldoorn, a publication with historical photos of Apeldoorn in corporation with CODA Museum, Apeldoorn

November BASBOEK with DIABP@Offprint, Paris, France

2016  WHAT TO DO / WAT TE DOEN, 4th print
2016  Artist Jokes / Kunstenaarsmoppen, 2nd print
2015  WHAT TO DO / WAT TE DOEN, 3rd print
2015  Abusive Names for Artists, The Dicktionary (2nd print, first Dutch-English version)
2014  Artist Jokes / Kunstenaarsmoppen

2013  Scheldwoordenboek voor Kunstenaars (Curse Word Dictionary for Artists)
2012  WHAT TO DO / WAT TE DOEN, 2nd print
2012  Wandeling door Arnhem (Walk through Arnhem)
2011  Probleem kunst opgelost (Problem Art Solved)
2010  Visdraad
2010  Einmal um die Welt, 2nd print
2009  Last Photos (series of 12 publications)
2009  I just arrived this morning
2008  Noon till noon
2007  Mislukte Ideeën
2006  Er is iets nieuws
2006  Einmal um die Welt
2004  Mijn broers reis in Indonesië
2004  Pocketcamera verkeerd om gehouden
2002  Vanuit Mijn Aquarium
2002  Bas’ Dubbele Boekhouding
2001  Bas als Vriend, een gebruiksaanwijzing
2001  Gedachten zonder CD
1999  Achterkant van Spiegel
1998  Zandkorrels uit Grintpad
1998  Eerste en Tweede Onvolledige Bundel

2014  Teaching Degree, University of Arts Utrecht (HKU)
2012  Determination of historical photographic and photomechanical processes, University of Leiden
2003 – 2006  Language and Image, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam

2003  Movie, Art and Fashion, University of Amsterdam
1996 – 1999  Fine Art, Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU), Utrecht
1998 – 1999  Exchange student at Art School Weissensee, Berlin
1995 – 1996  Illustration, Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU), Utrecht

2009  Basis stipend, The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture
2000  Start stipend, The Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture

Presentations (selection)
2016  New York Art Book Fair, PS1 MOMA, New York, U.S.A.
2015  Friends with Books, Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin, Germany
2014  Winner of the 4th Sheffield International Artist’s Book Prize, solo, Sheffield, U.K.
2013  Undercover, groupshow, St. Petersburg, Russia
2013  BASEMENT SALE!, solo exhibition, ACEC, Apeldoorn
2012  Offprint Amsterdam, Westergasfabriek, during Unseen
2012  Problem Art Solved, solo exhibition and book launch 1646, The Hague
2011  Life is heart, group show, P.ART of your life, Zwolle

2011  Photo + Art Book, Deichtorhallen, Hamburg, Germany
2010  Flachland festival, performance Daumenkino, Berlin, Germany
2010  Daumenkino – thumbcinema, group show, Bookartbookshop, London
2010  Quickscan, group show, Museum of Photography, Rotterdam
2009  Closer, performance, Meneer de Wit, Amsterdam
2008  A perfect book, group show, Amsterdam Center for Photography, Amsterdam
2008  Noon till Noon, solo exhibition, Rona Mathlener Projecten, Amsterdam
2007  Presentation of Failed Ideas at Lost & Found, de Waag, Amsterdam
2007  Young Land, group show, Anna Paulowna
2007  Solo exhibition and publication Failed Ideas, Dwaze Zaken, Amsterdam
2006  Lachen met KI-OSK, group show, Kunstenlab, Deventer
2006  Space Inside, group show, RC de Ruimte, IJmuiden
2006  Einmal um die Welt, book launch, Boekie Woekie, Amsterdam
2005  Rietveld naar de beurs, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam
2004  My brothers trip to Indonesia, solo presentation, Maritime Museum, Amsterdam
2004  Final Frontier, group show, HEDAH, Maastricht
2003  Young Art, group show, Amersfoort
2002  Bas’ Double Book Launch, solo presentation, Vivaria Paludaria and Ulyssus, Amsterdam
2002  Rariteitenkabinet, group show, Moira, Utrecht
2001  Cabinets Of Wishfull Thinking, group show, Retort, Amsterdam
2001  Young Talent, group show, Province House, Utrecht
2001  I just keep playing my bass parts, solo exhibition, Expodium, Utrecht
2000  Mix for Brainpan, duo show, H 408, Amsterdam
1999  Today No Goulashsoup, duo show, Monbijoupark, Berlin
1998  Fresh 2, group show, Academy Gallery, Utrecht

2013  Photo course ‘Photography starts with looking’, Klein Berlijn, Apeldoorn
2012  Teacher Photography at Fine Art, Art Academy Utrecht (HKU) (till 2014)
2012  Guest teacher Graphic Design at Royal Academy of Art (KABK), The Hague
2012  Photography teacher at High School Apeldoorn
2011  Guest teacher at Fine Art, Art Academy Utrecht (HKU)

MACBA, Barcelona
MoMA, New York
Joan Flasch Collection, SAIC, Chicago
Netherlands Institute for Art History (RKD)

Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven
Huis Marseille, Amsterdam
Kremlin (advertising company), Amsterdam
Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam
Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
Utrecht School of Arts (HKU), Utrecht
Dutch Museum of Photography, Rotterdam

2015  OPEN, Museum for Art in Public Space, Apeldoorn
2004  Utrecht Art Fair, Expodium, Utrecht

2003  Disco Salon, Expodium, Utrecht
2002  The Exporette, Expodium, Utrecht
2001  F.C. Expodium, Expodium, Utrecht

Nominations and Prizes
2014  Winner of the Fundacio Banc Sabadell with WHAT TO DO, Arts Libris, Barcelona
2013  The 4th Sheffield International Artist’s Book Prize, 1st prize for WHAT TO DO
2001  Prix de Rome, photography, nomination, Amsterdam
2001  Tweede Sybren Hellinga Art Prize, nomination, Art House SYB, Beetsterzwaag
1999  Young Talent II, Utrecht

2016  Mister Motley about WHAT TO DO
2016  De Stentor about Prinsengang
2014  Kunstbeeld about Artist Jokes
2013  De Stentor about my work

2012  De Gelderlander about Walk through Arnhem
2012  kM about Problem Art Solved
2012  Mister Motley about Problem Art Solved
2012  Metropolis M about Problem Art Solved
2012  Kunstbeeld about Problem Art Solved
2011  Frieze magazine about Last Photos
2011  GBK-uitgave centerfold with Problem Art Solved
2011  Flow about Last Photos
2010  NRC Next: for a week every day an image of my photo archive
2010  Kunstbeeld about Last Photos
2010  Focus about Last Photos
2008  De Volkskrant, ‘How do I tell my parents’ by Lernert Engelberts

2016  Co-founder and chairman of DIABP (Dutch Independent Art Book Publishers)
2016  Artistic Director of Museum for KOR
2014  HR Advisor at HKU, University of Arts Utrecht (until now)
2014  Co-founder, curator, writer and voice-over for Museum for KOR, museum and tour project for art in public space
2014  Creator and organizer of First Art, international art exchange project
2012  Weekly photo blog at Apeldoorn Direct (until 2013)
2010  Picture Editor of the Photo Archive of Woonzorg Nederland (Housing Corporation)
2009  Copywriter at Kesselskramer, Amsterdam

2008  Editor for Tubelight (until 2009)
2007  Publication Einmal um die Welt becomes promotional gift for Woonzorg Nederland
2006  Side-kick in the performance of Klaske Oenema, Lowlands Paradise, Biddinghuizen
2002  Publications part of distribution program Printed Matter, New York (until now)
2000  Designer (and producer) of the Arai Helmet Safety Award (until 2006), Hoevelaken