Beer & Speech

Last Saterday I was busy. First brewing a new beer for a damaged, deleted and forgotten art work in Apeldoorn (with Ton Fisser and Martijn de Frankrijker). Then in the afternoon I was asked to open the photo exhibition of Medea Huisman in ACEC. The IPA will be ready in the summer, to be continued …

Bas@Elementary School

Last week I gave a talk about conceptual art and my work at the elementary school where my daughter goes to. The children are about 7 years old. I asked if art could be pee and poop.


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Art with coffee

This weekend I am part of the master-apprentice programm as master artist of Kunst op de Koffie in Arnhem. Therefore I invited the talented Roy Vastenburg to show his work at Parkstraat 81A. Check it out, it’s going to be wicked ! This Saterday and Sunday 10-17.



Museum voor KOR

‘Museum voor Kunst Openbare Ruimte’ means: Museum for Art in Public Space. Kor is als a common Dutch first name for a guy. Together with 7 other creatives we are making a museum and we had the pilot at Roots in the Woods Festival. I gave some guided tours and told about the art (tour photos by Medea Huisman).

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The Golden Camera

At the Art Academy in Utrecht (HKU) I teach Photography to 2nd year students Fine Art. To get a official didactic degree, I am currently taking a course. Therefore I developed a new teaching method: The Golden Camera. The students had to work in pairs on a documentary assignment. Within five weeks they had to make a concept, collect the material, make the selection and their presentation. There was only one trophy for the best project and each team could vote. The students were keen and sharp and the results stunning. Very nice to see how such a teaching method works. I am very proud of all my students !



This week I gave a talk about my work in De Pont in Tilburg at ‘The day of the young artist’. Some listeners thought it was cabaret.



Frozen news

I was honored to open the exhibition of my former photo student Gerard Oltmans in art cafe Samsam two weeks ago.