New portrait

by Medea Huisman, 2017

8UO 2017

Last Friday I worked eight hours for charity (8 uur overwerken) as team captain of a creative team. Always inspiring to do! (Photo’s: Ellis Peeters)

Beer & Speech

Last Saterday I was busy. First brewing a new beer for a damaged, deleted and forgotten art work in Apeldoorn (with Ton Fisser and Martijn de Frankrijker). Then in the afternoon I was asked to open the photo exhibition of Medea Huisman in ACEC. The IPA will be ready in the summer, to be continued …

B Hungry & Get Fed

Friday November 25 I present my dream with 4 other artists at Museum Het Valkhof in Nijmegen. You’re welcome to come !


Light boxes for Mixed Emotion Live

Last week we (Mark Kuiper, Medea Huisman and I) presented these light boxes during a festival for marketeers: Mixed Emotion Live. The boxes are comments on how marketeers think.


Started new project

Just started a new project in collaboration with RKD (Netherlands Institute for Art History). It’s about deselected artists from their archives …


Giro d’Italia

Yesterday the Giro d’Italia 2016 was in my hometown Apeldoorn. Commissioned by Plaatsmaken, I made a poster for the giro together with designer Ingeborg Scheffers.


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