Living in Dreams

Last Saturday Living in Dreams opened in De Bond in Bruges, Belgium. Frank Koolen invited me for this group show and I’m showing 5 dreams (Dutch text printed on transparant foil sticked on wall) that I truly had about new work of Frank Koolen. Also with work of Melanie Bonajo, Vaast Colson (3rd pic), Gerard Herman, Roy Villevoy and many more.

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B Hungry & Get Fed

Friday November 25 I present my dream with 4 other artists at Museum Het Valkhof in Nijmegen. You’re welcome to come !


Museum voor KOR part 2

Working very hard on the first exhibition of our Museum for Art in Public Space (KOR). It opens on Saterday May 2nd and it’s going to be an audio tour.

Schermafbeelding 2015-04-05 om 22.06.53

BASBOEK conquering Rotterdam

Check the blog on trendbeheer about Artist Books in Rotterdam: BASBOEK is spotted three times! Photo: BASBOEK@The Dutch Photo Museum.



Today the panorama I made for second hand store Foenix was unveiled and many people came: thank you all! Director Arjin Jans gave an introduction and I gave a small lesson about landscapes. Text on the work translated: For two months Foenix put aside all the painted landscapes that came in for artist Bas Fontein. These landscapes which previously offered many living rooms in Apeldoorn an alternative view are brought together by the artist into one panorama. A new landscape is created with seascapes, farms, forests and winter scenes; without beginning or end.’ I found pictures of the event on the twitter account from Dutch political party ‘Green Left’, other pics are from Marchien de Vries, Adèle Reiss, Tada Projecten and the black and white ones are from StrangeArt (Roelof Rump).

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Schermafbeelding 2015-02-15 om 11.51.53


This Saterday at 14:00 PANORAMA FOENIX opens at Aruba 6 in Apeldoorn. It’s a new work in collaboration with second hand store Foenix. Hope to see you there !


HOW = IT NOW 2014

Today the big group show and auction opens that wants to give an overview of the fine arts in East Holland. For this show I made a work in collaboration with Willem Bierman, a well known writer and poet from Apeldoorn. He’s the founder, editor and publisher of PRADO, a absurd magazine. Willem made the picture above, I reacted on this one in the picture below. Translated: The editorial staff of PRADO searching for copy at the station in Altea, Spain./Bas Fontein searching for the spirit of Willem Bierman at Apeldoorn Central. (For the complete list of works in the auction: how=it now 2014.)