Two light boxes @ CODA museum

Now on display at CODA Museum two light boxes. These boxes are a preview of my book to be published: WHAT TO SAY (about art). First picture the work seen from the outside, 2nd picture was taken at the opening by Gerard Oltmans.



Giro d’Italia

Yesterday the Giro d’Italia 2016 was in my hometown Apeldoorn. Commissioned by Plaatsmaken, I made a poster for the giro together with designer Ingeborg Scheffers.


13116513_1754567901442511_4281558062835303934_o 13173338_1754567301442571_208831766745056431_o

BASBOEK@30 selling points

Thanks in part to my agent Kerstin, you can now get your BASBOEKs at 30 retail points: in 16 cities across 7 countries. Check the shop.

Schermafbeelding 2016-05-01 om 13.17.56

FAR OFF Cologne

 Thanks to TADA Projects, my work is on display at the FAR OFF Art Fair in Cologne Germany (April 14-17 ). Credits and pics: Guido Nieuwendijk en Marije Vermeulen !
12974503_270968766574405_3794196960948635224_n 13012766_272024739802141_6460044236070061217_n

Artist Jokes new light boxes

For the group exhibition ACEC in Arnhem at VM23 in Arnhem I made 5 new light boxes with artist jokes.

IMG_4900LR IMG_4910LR IMG_7392IILR

Bas@Elementary School

Last week I gave a talk about conceptual art and my work at the elementary school where my daughter goes to. The children are about 7 years old. I asked if art could be pee and poop.


P1010346LR P1010356LR


Last Friday I did 8 hours of overtime work at the event 8UOA. With 4 other creatives we worked for the good cause GIRO 555. I think we did a good job (and a lot of drinking for sponsor Vedett) and our client was very happy! One colour pictures by Sven Scholten.





1274349_470766013107559_6204642040720514108_o  Schermafbeelding 2016-03-20 om 21.43.30


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