New York was superb: good business, great people !

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Tour with DIABP

BASBOEK is going on tour with Dutch Independent Art Book Publishers. Coming weekend we’re in Brussels at Wiels.

Schermafbeelding 2016-09-04 om 12.11.40 WIELS-ART-BOOK-FAIR-2016


This year I’m going with DIABP to the New York Art Book Fair. In my home town this is news.

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Commissioned by Willem Bierman I made this light box for his absurdistic magazine PRADO which he has stopped to publish. It says: PRADO 1985 – 2015 irregular. The magazine appeared irregular and the content was about the irregularities in life. The letters are dark when the lights are off, and bright when the lights are on, and in dusk they shine irregular.

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New audio tour

For Museum voor KOR I made a new audio tour in collaboration with Stephanie Tenda, Mark Kuiper and CODA Museum. It’s for the city summer festival Stadsoase. First picture the front page of a local news paper, 2nd picture the art atmosphere of the festival (picture by Gerard Oltmans) and the last picture two visitors attending the tour in our beach chairs. If you want to listen to the tour.

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Two light boxes @ CODA museum

Now on display at CODA Museum two light boxes. These boxes are a preview of my book to be published: WHAT TO SAY (about art). First picture the work seen from the outside, 2nd picture was taken at the opening by Gerard Oltmans.



Giro d’Italia

Yesterday the Giro d’Italia 2016 was in my hometown Apeldoorn. Commissioned by Plaatsmaken, I made a poster for the giro together with designer Ingeborg Scheffers.


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