Coming week BASBOEK will be at InBAF: the International Book Art Fair during Art Rotterdam. You can find us at Fenixloods1, near the Dutch Photo Museum. I will be present Wednesday, Saterday and Sunday. The other days Chantal Rens of PANTOFLE BOOKS will also represent BASBOEK.



These days in Januari remind me of Koppermaandag, a Dutch traditional day for print makers. Last year I was commissioned to make one with Ingeborg Scheffers. Photo from the Meppeler News Paper.



BASBOEKs at the museumshop of Boijmans & Van Beuningen in Rotterdam. Again spotted by Mark Kuiper.

image kopie


For two years now, BASBOEKs are available at one of the coolest hangouts in Apeldoorn: Klein Berlijn.


Oil Balls

Oil balls/Oliebollen at Neude in Utrecht, November 2014.


HOW = IT NOW 2014

Today the big group show and auction opens that wants to give an overview of the fine arts in East Holland. For this show I made a work in collaboration with Willem Bierman, a well known writer and poet from Apeldoorn. He’s the founder, editor and publisher of PRADO, a absurd magazine. Willem made the picture above, I reacted on this one in the picture below. Translated: The editorial staff of PRADO searching for copy at the station in Altea, Spain./Bas Fontein searching for the spirit of Willem Bierman at Apeldoorn Central. (For the complete list of works in the auction: how=it now 2014.)


Artist Jokes in Kunstbeeld

This month a small but nice review about Artist Jokes in Dutch art magazine Kunstbeeld.



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