Oil Balls

Oil balls/Oliebollen at Neude in Utrecht, November 2014.


HOW = IT NOW 2014

Today the big group show and auction opens that wants to give an overview of the fine arts in East Holland. For this show I made a work in collaboration with Willem Bierman, a well known writer and poet from Apeldoorn. He’s the founder, editor and publisher of PRADO, a absurd magazine. Willem made the picture above, I reacted on this one in the picture below. Translated: The editorial staff of PRADO searching for copy at the station in Altea, Spain./Bas Fontein searching for the spirit of Willem Bierman at Apeldoorn Central. (For the complete list of works in the auction: how=it now 2014.)


Artist Jokes in Kunstbeeld

This month a small but nice review about Artist Jokes in Dutch art magazine Kunstbeeld.



My books have three of the best spots in the Museum Shop (Walther K├Ânig Buchhandlung) at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam! They’re surrounding ‘Voyeur’ by Hans-Peter Feldmann and were spotted by two friends in one week. Photo 1 by Tamar de Klijn and photo 2 by Mark Kuiper. Thanks for sending the pics !


image kopieIILR


Short interview about Artist Jokes

Short interview about my new book and presentation Artist Jokes, only in Dutch.


Artist Jokes launch and The Wall

Last Friday opened my new show The Wall at Gigant with 4 big led light screens and was the official launch of my new book Artist Jokes. What a great evening ! Thanks everybody for being there ! (Photo 1 and 2 by Ingeborg Scheffers, photo 3 and 4 by Mark Kuiper and photo 5 and 6 by Gerard Oltmans.) I will soon post a movie of The Wall.

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Artist Jokes on The Wall in Gigant

Coming Friday I will launch my new book Artist Jokes on The Wall in Gigant. It starts at 5 pm. You’re welcome to come !



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